WAT IS HI-FI? (Verklaring van de betekenis van een modewoord)
21/10/2009, 22:59
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Hurray! First post!

I figured it would be nice to kick-off with this lovely 7″ from 1959 which teaches you a thing or two about high fidelity and stereo sound, which this blog is all about… well, not really but it has ‘stereo’ in it’s title… Anyway, a narrator explains with help from some classical music clips, blips and bleeps and test tones what Hi-Fi means.

It’s narrated in Dutch so sorry  to everyone who is not from around these flatlands, most of the records I’ll be posting here will be Dutch. But, don’t let that get you down, I’ve got some nice non-dutch recordings up my sleeve (!) as well.

Here’s a short clip:

And if you want the hear the rest of the record (12 mb), you can get it here.


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Comment by WB

Congrats!! very nice blog can’t wait to see ( hear ) what you’ll upload

Comment by Dave Gamez

Thank you.

Comment by KL in NYC

I have got a german version of this record. Exactly the same content, only in german.

Comment by Marc

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