Dyta-Urese: Het Routine Diureticum (1967)
02/10/2010, 10:46
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Dyta-Urese: The Routine Diuretic (1967)

Another exciting floppy record! Just like the records previously posted here, here and here, it was handed out to doctors to promote a medicine. This time a diuretic medicine named Dyta-Urese.

Here’s a short clip:

Here’s the record (6mb)


Dyta-Urese: Bij de Behandeling van Cardiale Œdemen (1965)
30/09/2010, 21:14
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Dyta-Urese: For Treatment of Cardiac Edema (1965)

Dyta-Urese is a medicine for treatment of Cardiac Edema (a heart disease). This floppy record was handed out to doctors to promote the medicine.

I have no clue what the man on this record is talking about… but I’m sure the doctors can understand perfectly well what all the medical terms he uses are all about.

Here’s a short clip:

Here’s the record (6 mb)

Mondvermaak (1980)
30/05/2010, 15:39
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Mondvermaak (1980)

“…MouthSounds is the book for people who would give anything to imitate a Toilet Plunger. Or a Sports Car Smash and Crash. Sound like Gollum while reading Lord of the Rings to a favorite nephew or have meaningful dialogue with your dog…”

Simply put: it teaches you how to make rude and funny sounds and it comes with a two-sided floppy single.

This book and record is the dutch translation of the original book published in 1980: Mouthsounds, how to whistle, pop, click and honk your way to social success!

Here’s the best part:

Be the funny uncle at a boring party with this disk (12mb)

Astro Logisch Boekje / Gouden Toekomst Plaat (1978)

“Astro Logical Booklet / Golden Future Record”

A shiny golden floppy single. Nice!
It’s actually a little booklet with that floppy single inserted. The booklet holds some basic information about the zodiac signs and besides the single there’s also some stickers and greeting cards included.

On the single-sided record they tell you about the characteristics of people with the sagittarius sign accompanied by some soft piano music.

Enjoy a short preview:

Enjoy the whole 7.5 minutes (7 mb).

BP Super Mix Song (1961)

I’m always attracted to floppy (or “flexible”) vinyl and I like this 7″ promotional floppy with a dutch song about BP gas as well.

Here’s the first 45 seconds:

Here’s the song (2.25 minutes / 2,4 mb)