Picking Up Girls Made Easy (1975)
03/09/2012, 15:55
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Due to lack of time for recording and uploading my own records… I’m sharing this brilliant sleazy record I would love to have in my own collection.

Listen to the whole record at WFMUs 365 days project.



Zwijgen Is Goud (±1974)

Silence Is Golden (±1974) 
Music From Slapstick Shows.

A selection of music clips typically used in silent comedy (e.g. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy etc.). It’s quite a nice selection and they’ve cut the music up in 55 handy clips ranging from 3 minutes to 3 seconds which allows the user to loop or extend music pieces or just use short samples as musical sound effects.

Here’s a preview to get the idea:

Get the record here (46mb).

Sporting Sound Effects (1978)
27/07/2012, 20:20
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Because the Olympics started… 29 well recorded sound effects.

The file is here (42mb).

Pornogram 1 (197?)
24/07/2012, 10:10
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Woah, a porn radioplay from the seventies, with authentic bad acting and corny lines.

Here’s some samples (nsfw :)

Get yer hands on it here! (27mb)

Juliana Regina – 1948 – 1980 (1980)

Today is Queen’s Day, a dutch national holiday to celebrate our Queen’s birthday. One of the best things of Queen’s Day is the traditional freemarkets all over the country where everyone can sell what they want in the streets… basically one big second hand market. The perfect day for crate digging in search of new Stereofound material.

To celebrate, here’s a double record with recordings about and of our former Queen: Juliana, who sat on the throne from 1948 to 1980. There’s people speaking and singing about Juliana, speeches by Juliana herself and information, historical recordings and highlights  from her queenship.

Here’s some excerpts:

Here’s disk one and two (101 mb)

Geluid 7 (<1977)
06/01/2011, 10:00
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Geluid 7 voor Amateur-Filmers en Geluidsjagers.
Vliegtuigen – Raketten – Auto’s – Motoren

Sound 7 for Amateur Filmmakers and Soundhunters.
Airplanes – Rockets – Cars – Motorcycles

Here’s the record (40mb)

Geluid No.10 (1977)
15/12/2010, 10:00
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Geluid 10 voor Amateur-Filmers en Geluidsjagers.
39 Vogelgeluiden

Sound 10 for Amateur Filmmakers and Soundhunters.
39 Birdsounds

Here’s a preview:

Here’s the record (40mb)