14 Disco Rollers (1980)
08/10/2010, 10:05
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Groovy! One disk with disco hits. One disk with funky jingles. I’ve only recorded the latter for you.


Enjoy! (14mb)


The Day The Music Died / 100 Jaar Veronica Jingles (1977)
02/12/2009, 00:06
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Veronica was (and is) a popular Dutch radio station. In the sixties and early seventies they transmitted illegally from a boat just offshore the Dutch coast which gained them some sort of cult status back then.

Anyways, enough boring history… this record is fun! 100 jingles once used on their radio shows. Some are dutch, some are english, two or three times they’ve used a Moog and sonovox and Mick Jagger says a line or two as well.

Here’s a few samples:

And here you can get all the 100 jingles, tagged and numbered (45mb).

(oh, hmm, I just noticed something went wrong while recording. Number 10 – 15 have the name of the next jingle… sorry about that!)

250 Discojingles (1977)
10/11/2009, 00:15
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Guess what’s on it?

Yup! 250 jingles! And they’re pretty cool too. Lot’s of close harmony, some jokes, they’ve used a sonovox here and there and some moog too. Just listen to the clip below to get an idea.

Great record!

The clip:

The files (40mb).

100 Sonovox Jingles (1980)
23/10/2009, 21:25
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This 1980 record (once owned by someone called Berry, according to the sticker in the topleft corner ^-^ ) is produced by the brothers Ray and Chris Anderson and holds, like the title says, 100 short jingles created with a sonovox accompanied by some cheesy moog shots. It all sounds rather amateuristic and the recordings could’ve used some de-essing, but, that crappiness is what makes the record even more fun!

Here’s a few clips:

And, if you like it, I’ve got the whole deal (20mb) for ya here.