Linguaphone Demonstratieplaat (197?)

Linguaphone Demonstration record

I have loads of language courses but don’t upload them here often. Most of them aren’t really special, weird or funny but I still like ’em, I love hearing those musty old voices.

This disk is not very special either but language course records are part of my collection and this one gives an idea of how most of them sound. It gives examples of some english, french, spanish and italian lessons. Not sure from what year it is, I think somewhere in the seventies.

Get the 13 minute (20mb) disk here.


Interphone / Español (1959)

A spanish language course by Interphone on two 7″ disks.

There’s not much to add about the recordings itself since I don’t speak spanish… but I love the typical 50’s sleeve design. It holds 20 pages with lessons accompanied by some fun vintage duo-tone illustrations and nice typography. I love it!

Here’s a short preview:

If you like it, you can get the two disks (25mb) here.

NTI English Pronunciation Record (195?)
03/01/2010, 00:40
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This is the worst language course I’ve ever heard! What a great way to start this new year.

There’s nothing wrong with the lines and sketches on this record but the male voice has an unmistakable Dutch accent which sounds really horrible. It’s as if the voice actor they hired didn’t show up and they had to use the drunk janitor to record the male voice.

It is a 7″ and I guess it’s from around the 50’s or 60’s. Unfortunately it isn’t mine, I borrowed it from a friend because this just has to be shared. Thanks JP!

Enjoy these short clips:

Or enjoy the whole 15 minute record (12mb).

Frans Op Reis En Voor Conversatie (±1960)
21/11/2009, 18:03
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How’s your french? Not so good? That’s great! Here’s “French For Travelling And Conversation”, a French language course on two disks. The instruction book that originally came with it is lost so I don’t have a clue what they’re talking about.

Here’s a sample:

Here’s the whole record (72mb) for grabs.

Scheidegger Instituut / Cursus Stenografie (±1970)
19/11/2009, 00:55
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Scheidegger Instituut / Stenography (Shorthand) Course.

Yes, stenography! A course for secretaries in the making. 85 minutes of business related dictation on two 12″ disks and nothing to see on the sleeve… this must be the most boring record in my collection (which doesn’t mean it isn’t interesting of course! :)
No year to be found but I guess it’s from around 1970.


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