Stereo Wegwijzer (1974)

Stereo Way Point (1974)

A wonderful stereo test record where Mies Bouwman and Willem Duys explain very clearly how to install your record player, accompanied by a variety of classical, jazzy and cheesy 70’s music.

Here’s some random clips:

Enjoy! (36 mb)


Stereo-Test + Demonstratie (±1970)
10/10/2010, 10:00
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This great stereo test double album by Jan de Kruijff is, besides the sleeve, exactly the same as ‘Het Meest Complete Stereo-Album’ which I posted  here about a year ago.

Here’s the preview:

If you haven’t downloaded the other one, here’s the file for this record (30mb)

Hi-Fi Test (1973)
24/11/2009, 10:10
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A nice hi-fi test on two disks. Unfortunately no spoken instructions this time which are usually my favorite parts but some of the classical pieces on it are quite nice. The folded sleeve holds a twelve page instruction and an over complete explanation on all the aspects of high fidelity and stereo equipment.

Disk one:
Side A: This is hardcore! 16 minutes of non-stop, high-pitched tones and frequencies!
Side B: Some pieces of classical music containing piano, harp, violin and opera.

Disk two:
Side A: Flutes, balancing tests, fase testing, more frequencies and noise ending with a string orchestra piece.
Side B: More classical music. A nice piece of percussion, some piano and this time organ tunes as well.

A sample:

The disks (65mb).

Super Stereo / Stereo Demonstratie (±1960)
22/11/2009, 13:13
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Another Stereo demonstration record with the usual sound effects and test frequencies. There’s a short introduction, which is always nice. I’ve mentioned the ‘Russian Roulette’ and ‘Submarine’ scenes before in previous posts and those exact same scenes are on this record as well… but, this time they’ve translated it in to dutch.

I love the sleeve by the way! It’s designed by a guy named Wim Wal gkf. The label (Discofoon) released more records designed by him and they’re all beautiful (the other ones are actually much nicer, maybe I’ll post some pics here some day). He’s got a great sense of color and minimalistic graphic design. I tried to find a little bit more about him but unfortunately Google didn’t give any useful results, only some mentions of book cover designs he did but without any pictures.

Anyway, here’s a sample:

And here’s the record (32mb).

Stereo Sound Effects (±1970)
20/11/2009, 23:28
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This is a weird potpourri of sound recordings. There’s short clips of percussion, slamming car doors, blues, planes taking off, balancing tests, a classical orchestra, dixieland tunes, a ping pong match, traditional greek music, firetrucks, mexican trumpets, frequency ranges, the often used ‘russian roulette’ and ‘submarine’ scene, big band music… you name it, it’s there, and all in no particular order! Most of it can be found on other records in my collection as well, but here it seems like they grabbed all the stereo sounds they could get their hands on an just dumped it on to one disk.

Most of the records here come without a year on it, just like this one.
The oscillator on the cover is quite nice though!

Listen to a turbo speed sampler:

Or you can d/l the disk (36mb) here.

Het Meest Complete Stereo-Album (±1970)
19/11/2009, 21:12
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“The Most Complete Stereo-Album”

A great test record with the usual tones, frequencies, fase- and balancing tests. It’s compilated by Jan De Kruijff, who did more test records back then like this one I posted last week. It’s basically the same record with the same tests and the same narrators but with a slightly different explanation and released by another record company.

It comes with two disks: One ‘test disk’ and one filled with classical and popular music. I didn’t bother recording that last one since there’s nothing ‘odd’ about it… but… there is one song on it that I had to share! It’s Tico Tico by the amazing Klaus Wünderlich, my favorite organ player!

Here’s Klaus Wünderlich:

Here’s a sample of the test record:

Here’s a link to the recorded disk (33mb).

Action Stereo! (1968)
15/11/2009, 19:24
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I love the vintage illustrations on this sound effects record!

It’s got all the usual sounds and scenes you can find on many sound effect record from the sixties and seventies. This record wasn’t meant for filmmakers or DJ’s though: “These staged demonstrations, some provided for humorous relief, illustrate how vividly a picture can be created through the art of stereophonic recording.” …at least, that’s what it says on the back!
Some of the included scenes: Stereo Balancing Test, Racing Sounds, Thunder and Lightning, Bowling, Fire Engine and Traffic, Harbor Scene, Shooting, Ping Pong Match and Trains.

Here’s some samples:

And here’s the complete record (25mb).