He-Man / Masters of the Universe – Sterrestof (1985)
22/05/2011, 16:18
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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Stardust (1985)

MOTU were my absolute favorite toys and cartoon as a kid. I remember getting this tape for my birthday and I played it a gazillion times. And when I recorded it last week, after 25 years, I still knew every line.

This story tape is the Dutch translation of the German story tape “Sternenstaub”. It was attached to the He-Man & Skeletor Two Pack in the Netherlands and Belgium in 1985.

Here’s a preview:


Download it here (38mb)


Hoera! Dennis… no… Stereofound Is Jarig (1984)
21/10/2010, 00:01
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Hurray! It’s Dennis Stereofounds Birthday (1984)

Stereofound turned 1 today! Here’s proof.

To celebrate I dug up this personalized birthday record. It’s a cardboard record once sold as birthday cards. The frontside is laminated with plastic for the grooves. It holds a short introduction and a horrible birthday song for Dennis. (obviously, these were sold with all common names)

Not sure if these were common around the world but I’m sure here in the Netherlands many will recognize it (I remember my sister once got one for her birthday back in the eighties too.)

Here’s the track in higher quality (2mb)

Zó Klinken De Muziekinstrumenten (197?)

“That’s The Sound Of Musical Instruments”

A lovely educational series of  7″ records for kids explaining the different sounds and looks of musical instruments on ten disks.

  1. Strijkinstrumenten – String Instruments (bowed)
  2. Strijkinstrumenten – String Instruments (bowed)
  3. Houten Blaasinstrumenten – Woodwinds
  4. Houten Blaasinstrumenten – Woodwinds
  5. Koperen Blaasinstrumenten – Brass Instruments
  6. Koperen Blaasinstrumenten – Brass Instruments
  7. Snaarinstrumenten – String Instruments (plucked and striked)
  8. Snaarinstrumenten – String Instruments (plucked and striked)
  9. Slaginstrumenten – Percussion
  10. Slaginstrumenten – Percussion

Here’s a short preview:

Here’s all the records in 5 parts (±23mb each):
one, two, three, four and five.

Bob Banaan In Het Land Van Dôle (±1976)
13/01/2010, 23:51
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“Bob Banana In The Land Of Dôle”

A floppy single to promote Dôle fruit. It was handed out at grocery stores when someone went bought bananas. Unfortunately the thrift-store where I found this funny little record didn’t have the sleeve but here is a picture of what it looks like (bottom right image nr.4)

It’s a story by Imme Dros and Harry Geelen about Bob who only eats bananas and is very strong and runs in to adventures in a banana kingdom!

Here’s a preview:

Here’s the full ten minute record (10mb)