Juliana Regina – 1948 – 1980 (1980)

Today is Queen’s Day, a dutch national holiday to celebrate our Queen’s birthday. One of the best things of Queen’s Day is the traditional freemarkets all over the country where everyone can sell what they want in the streets… basically one big second hand market. The perfect day for crate digging in search of new Stereofound material.

To celebrate, here’s a double record with recordings about and of our former Queen: Juliana, who sat on the throne from 1948 to 1980. There’s people speaking and singing about Juliana, speeches by Juliana herself and information, historical recordings and highlights  from her queenship.

Here’s some excerpts:

Here’s disk one and two (101 mb)


Hoe Bedien Ik De 27 MC (1980)

How Do I Use The 27 MC (1980)

This is (yet another) one of my favorites. An instruction record on how to use a CB radio (27 MC) (or more commonly known as a ‘bakkie’ in dutch) with information on etiquettes, how to speak and use your voice and how to choose a ‘skip name’ (nick name).

Especially the recorded example conversations are fun. No doubt that this record was very helpful for CB radio users back then but now it all just sounds very cheesy.

Here’s some clips:


Get to know everything about Hoei-Hoei and White-Mice here (29mb)

Stereo Wegwijzer (1974)

Stereo Way Point (1974)

A wonderful stereo test record where Mies Bouwman and Willem Duys explain very clearly how to install your record player, accompanied by a variety of classical, jazzy and cheesy 70’s music.

Here’s some random clips:

Enjoy! (36 mb)

Voor Moeder En Kind (±1972)

For Mother And Child (±1972)

Another gem! A single to promote the anti-abortion foundation (I posted a record from the same foundation here)

Side A holds a fake newsflash with a newsreader speaking about how unborn childs are being torn apart with pliers and burnt alive by salt solvents during abortion.
Side B is a story told by an annoying child about how an embryo grows and eventually gets killed by the mother.

What a treat!

Here’s a short preview:

Get the record here (7mb)

Evel Knievel (1974)
12/10/2010, 10:00
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On a trip to Istanbul I found this beauty tucked away in a musty box on a second hand book market. It could have rained all week for what I cared, nothing could ruin my vacation with a souvenir like this!

This record was to promote Evel’s stunt: the 3/4 mile Snake River Canyon jump in 1974. There’s some nice interviews with him explaining a few fun facts about the preparation for the stunt. There’s also a part with the dare-doer talking with kids, some wise words about what we can learn from his life and there’s a pretentious country ballad about him too. Great stuff!

  • A1 Prolouge  1:46
  • A2 Press Conference  23:10
  • A3 Why?  3:24
  • B1 The Ballad Of Evel Knievel  2:30
  • B2 Evel Talks With The Kids  20:36
  • B3 Evel Talks Of The Future  2:17


No preview this time, just download it! Right here (50mb)


A fun thing I discovered: The ‘skycycle’ sample on AFX’s Analog Bubblebath IV album comes from this record. I could’ve known since the track is named ‘Knievel”…but it just never occurred to me that it was Evel Knievel until I heard it on this record  :)


Stereo Demonstratie Plaat (197?)
04/10/2010, 10:00
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Stereo Demonstration Record (197?)

Fun record offering a variety of spoken scenes and sound effects in the form of fake interviews, supposedly funny scenes and jolly Tiroler music. This is what this blog is all about!

The usual preview:

Get the disk here (17mb)

Dyta-Urese: Het Routine Diureticum (1967)
02/10/2010, 10:46
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Dyta-Urese: The Routine Diuretic (1967)

Another exciting floppy record! Just like the records previously posted here, here and here, it was handed out to doctors to promote a medicine. This time a diuretic medicine named Dyta-Urese.

Here’s a short clip:

Here’s the record (6mb)