Picking Up Girls Made Easy (1975)
03/09/2012, 15:55
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Due to lack of time for recording and uploading my own records… I’m sharing this brilliant sleazy record I would love to have in my own collection.

Listen to the whole record at WFMUs 365 days project.



Zwijgen Is Goud (±1974)

Silence Is Golden (±1974) 
Music From Slapstick Shows.

A selection of music clips typically used in silent comedy (e.g. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy etc.). It’s quite a nice selection and they’ve cut the music up in 55 handy clips ranging from 3 minutes to 3 seconds which allows the user to loop or extend music pieces or just use short samples as musical sound effects.

Here’s a preview to get the idea:

Get the record here (46mb).

Aerobic-Dancing (1983)
13/07/2012, 10:00
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Another aerobic instruction record. Not the most interesting one in my collection, only a few actual spoken instructions. But I’m sharing it anyway because I do like them all.

Here’s some funky samples:

Download the whole record here (55mb).

Skigymnastiek (1986)

Ski Gymnastics (1986)

The ski season is over… a perfect time to start getting in shape for next year don’t you think? And now you can!  With this album! Right now! Can you believe it?! Viva la internet!

Enjoy this musty voice explaining ski-related exercises accompanied by some bland cliché piano music.

Here’s a quick preview:

Here you go (52mb)

Haven’t had enough after this workout?… here’s another ski exercise.

Geräusche In Stereo (±1974)
02/05/2010, 22:18
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A lovely german record with 46 sound effects for fans of  the movie camera, taperecorder and slides,  split up in two ‘genres’:

Side A: Traffic

  1. Railway
  2. Road
  3. Ships
  4. Air Traffic

Side B: Nature

  1. Water
  2. Weather
  3. Animals


The whole disk (25mb)

If you like this record, I found another blog that has part two for grabs here:

Dans Je Fit (met Penney de Jager) (1982)

“Dance Yourself Fit (with Penney de Jager)”

Aerobic instruction records are fun and very eighties. This one is no exception, it comes with a poster and the sensual instructions by that girl on the cover are accompanied by lots of cliche disco songs (e.g. YMCA, In The Navy, Dancing Queen, I Will Survive…).

Here’s a preview:

Get in shape here (40mb)

Stereo Shirt
27/02/2010, 00:20
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