Juliana Regina – 1948 – 1980 (1980)

Today is Queen’s Day, a dutch national holiday to celebrate our Queen’s birthday. One of the best things of Queen’s Day is the traditional freemarkets all over the country where everyone can sell what they want in the streets… basically one big second hand market. The perfect day for crate digging in search of new Stereofound material.

To celebrate, here’s a double record with recordings about and of our former Queen: Juliana, who sat on the throne from 1948 to 1980. There’s people speaking and singing about Juliana, speeches by Juliana herself and information, historical recordings and highlights  from her queenship.

Here’s some excerpts:

Here’s disk one and two (101 mb)


Bond Zonder Naam – Het Onze Vader Voor Alle Mensen (194?)
21/03/2010, 21:45
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“Union Without A Name – The Lord’s Prayer for All People”

Bond Zonder Naam is a Christian foundation founded in 1938. “The foundation aims to promote the improvement of man himself and the application of Christian charity in the civil life.”

This 7″ disk is the audiotrack that once accompanied a filmreel in the 40’s or early 50’s. The only information given is what you see on the two images above so I’m not sure what the film was about but a narrator tells about love, giving and the faith in god.

Here’s a preview:

Here’s the 12 minute (12mb) disk.

Interphone / Español (1959)

A spanish language course by Interphone on two 7″ disks.

There’s not much to add about the recordings itself since I don’t speak spanish… but I love the typical 50’s sleeve design. It holds 20 pages with lessons accompanied by some fun vintage duo-tone illustrations and nice typography. I love it!

Here’s a short preview:

If you like it, you can get the two disks (25mb) here.

Gezondheid Uit De Zee (194?)
07/01/2010, 00:28
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“Health From The Sea”

A dutch 7″ that promotes Halitran (cod-liver oil.)

There’s no year on the label and no mention of a record company, brand or other clues and it’s packed in a blank brown envelope. I guess it’s from around the late 40’s or early 50’s.
I’m not sure but it could be the ‘soundtrack’ of a short informational film. In those days it was common to show films with a ‘reel’ projector which didn’t have an audio track. So the actual audio had to be played in sync on a separate record player.

A man tells you all about Norwegian fishing and cod-liver oil: there’s some brief fishing history, something about the fishing villages, the boats and the equipment. A little about the halibut, cod and dolphin and they recorded the sounds that the fish make and tell you about the production process of cod-liver oil and the beneficial effect of it.

Here’s a preview:
And here’s the record (18mb.)

NTI English Pronunciation Record (195?)
03/01/2010, 00:40
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This is the worst language course I’ve ever heard! What a great way to start this new year.

There’s nothing wrong with the lines and sketches on this record but the male voice has an unmistakable Dutch accent which sounds really horrible. It’s as if the voice actor they hired didn’t show up and they had to use the drunk janitor to record the male voice.

It is a 7″ and I guess it’s from around the 50’s or 60’s. Unfortunately it isn’t mine, I borrowed it from a friend because this just has to be shared. Thanks JP!

Enjoy these short clips:

Or enjoy the whole 15 minute record (12mb).

WAT IS HI-FI? (Verklaring van de betekenis van een modewoord)
21/10/2009, 22:59
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Hurray! First post!

I figured it would be nice to kick-off with this lovely 7″ from 1959 which teaches you a thing or two about high fidelity and stereo sound, which this blog is all about… well, not really but it has ‘stereo’ in it’s title… Anyway, a narrator explains with help from some classical music clips, blips and bleeps and test tones what Hi-Fi means.

It’s narrated in Dutch so sorry  to everyone who is not from around these flatlands, most of the records I’ll be posting here will be Dutch. But, don’t let that get you down, I’ve got some nice non-dutch recordings up my sleeve (!) as well.

Here’s a short clip:

And if you want the hear the rest of the record (12 mb), you can get it here.