Zwijgen Is Goud (±1974)

Silence Is Golden (±1974) 
Music From Slapstick Shows.

A selection of music clips typically used in silent comedy (e.g. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy etc.). It’s quite a nice selection and they’ve cut the music up in 55 handy clips ranging from 3 minutes to 3 seconds which allows the user to loop or extend music pieces or just use short samples as musical sound effects.

Here’s a preview to get the idea:

Get the record here (46mb).


De Grote Piraten Jingles En Geluidseffekten Elpee (1981)

The Big Pirate Jingles And Sound Effect LP (1981)

Ok, that actually sounds more promising then it is. Unfortunately there’s no arrr or grog talk on it but only bad jokes, cheesy sounds and lame sketches. I love it!


Go for it! (39mb)

155 Jingles (±1985)
10/07/2012, 22:08
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155 Jingles
For Discjockeys, Radiostations, Hospital Radio, Nightclubs etc. 

English, instrumental and dutch jingles, jokes, inserts, moogshots etc. Some really nice samples, some already heard on other records but most are nice and cheesy.

Here’s a preview:

Download it here (49mb).

100 Discotheek Jingles #3 (1980)

100 fun, silly, funky, spoken, intro, outro, countdown, moogshots, singing, etc etc jingles.

I’ve previously posted part #1 and #5 of this great jingle series.

Here’s a preview:


Download it here (19mb) from Mediafire.

14 Disco Rollers (1980)
08/10/2010, 10:05
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Groovy! One disk with disco hits. One disk with funky jingles. I’ve only recorded the latter for you.


Enjoy! (14mb)

100 Discotheek Jingles #1 (1980)


Part 1 in a series of great jingle records (you can find part 5 here) I’ve got a few more of these releases lying around, all equally fun. I’ll upload those someday soon too.

This one has mostly dutch spoken jingles but it holds quite some in (lousy) english too. Some are accompanied by Moog shots and sonovox and many are unbelievably lame. Great fun!

Here’s a short clip:

Download the record here (18mb)

100 Comedy DeeJay Inserts (1977)
06/08/2010, 23:16
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It’s exactly what it says it is: loads of lame and silly jokes and sketches, sound effects and fake commercials. Awesome!

Here ya go, enjoy! (30 mb)

The maker of this record, Ray Anderson, created some more fun records like this one.