Sporting Sound Effects (1978)
27/07/2012, 20:20
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Because the Olympics started… 29 well recorded sound effects.

The file is here (42mb).


100 Discotheek Jingles #3 (1980)

100 fun, silly, funky, spoken, intro, outro, countdown, moogshots, singing, etc etc jingles.

I’ve previously posted part #1 and #5 of this great jingle series.

Here’s a preview:


Download it here (19mb) from Mediafire.

Death & Horror Sound Effects (1977)
30/10/2010, 21:45
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Happy halloween!

What other way to celebrate then with the sounds of arms and heads being chopped off, breaking and twisting of necks, stakes being driven through hearts and sizzling branding irons on flesh. And that’s just a few titles of the near 100 sound effects on this record. You can see all the wonderfully explicit titles on this tracklist.

The sounds are split up in six themes:

  1. Execution and Torture
  2. Monsters and Animals
  3. Creaking Doors and Grave Digging
  4. Musical Effects and Footsteps
  5. Vocal Effects and Heartbeats
  6. Weather, Atmosphere and Bells

Here’s a preview:

Enjoy! (43mb)

Oh, by the way. When listening to this record I was delighted to hear many of the horror samples used by ‘Batfinks’ on their 1989 album: ‘Wazzed and Blasted’, which happens to be one of my favorite psychobilly albums!

100 Discotheek Jingles #1 (1980)


Part 1 in a series of great jingle records (you can find part 5 here) I’ve got a few more of these releases lying around, all equally fun. I’ll upload those someday soon too.

This one has mostly dutch spoken jingles but it holds quite some in (lousy) english too. Some are accompanied by Moog shots and sonovox and many are unbelievably lame. Great fun!

Here’s a short clip:

Download the record here (18mb)

Stereo Demonstratie Plaat (197?)
04/10/2010, 10:00
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Stereo Demonstration Record (197?)

Fun record offering a variety of spoken scenes and sound effects in the form of fake interviews, supposedly funny scenes and jolly Tiroler music. This is what this blog is all about!

The usual preview:

Get the disk here (17mb)

100 Comedy DeeJay Inserts (1977)
06/08/2010, 23:16
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It’s exactly what it says it is: loads of lame and silly jokes and sketches, sound effects and fake commercials. Awesome!

Here ya go, enjoy! (30 mb)

The maker of this record, Ray Anderson, created some more fun records like this one.

Geräusche In Stereo (±1974)
02/05/2010, 22:18
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A lovely german record with 46 sound effects for fans of  the movie camera, taperecorder and slides,  split up in two ‘genres’:

Side A: Traffic

  1. Railway
  2. Road
  3. Ships
  4. Air Traffic

Side B: Nature

  1. Water
  2. Weather
  3. Animals


The whole disk (25mb)

If you like this record, I found another blog that has part two for grabs here: