De Grote Piraten Jingles En Geluidseffekten Elpee (1981)

The Big Pirate Jingles And Sound Effect LP (1981)

Ok, that actually sounds more promising then it is. Unfortunately there’s no arrr or grog talk on it but only bad jokes, cheesy sounds and lame sketches. I love it!


Go for it! (39mb)


Hoe Bedien Ik De 27 MC (1980)

How Do I Use The 27 MC (1980)

This is (yet another) one of my favorites. An instruction record on how to use a CB radio (27 MC) (or more commonly known as a ‘bakkie’ in dutch) with information on etiquettes, how to speak and use your voice and how to choose a ‘skip name’ (nick name).

Especially the recorded example conversations are fun. No doubt that this record was very helpful for CB radio users back then but now it all just sounds very cheesy.

Here’s some clips:


Get to know everything about Hoei-Hoei and White-Mice here (29mb)

14 Disco Rollers (1980)
08/10/2010, 10:05
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Groovy! One disk with disco hits. One disk with funky jingles. I’ve only recorded the latter for you.


Enjoy! (14mb)

Skigymnastiek (1986)

Ski Gymnastics (1986)

The ski season is over… a perfect time to start getting in shape for next year don’t you think? And now you can!  With this album! Right now! Can you believe it?! Viva la internet!

Enjoy this musty voice explaining ski-related exercises accompanied by some bland cliché piano music.

Here’s a quick preview:

Here you go (52mb)

Haven’t had enough after this workout?… here’s another ski exercise.