Sporting Sound Effects (1978)
27/07/2012, 20:20
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Because the Olympics started… 29 well recorded sound effects.

The file is here (42mb).


De Grote Piraten Jingles En Geluidseffekten Elpee (1981)

The Big Pirate Jingles And Sound Effect LP (1981)

Ok, that actually sounds more promising then it is. Unfortunately there’s no arrr or grog talk on it but only bad jokes, cheesy sounds and lame sketches. I love it!


Go for it! (39mb)

100 Discotheek Jingles #1 (1980)


Part 1 in a series of great jingle records (you can find part 5 here) I’ve got a few more of these releases lying around, all equally fun. I’ll upload those someday soon too.

This one has mostly dutch spoken jingles but it holds quite some in (lousy) english too. Some are accompanied by Moog shots and sonovox and many are unbelievably lame. Great fun!

Here’s a short clip:

Download the record here (18mb)