Zwijgen Is Goud (±1974)

Silence Is Golden (±1974) 
Music From Slapstick Shows.

A selection of music clips typically used in silent comedy (e.g. Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton, Laurel and Hardy etc.). It’s quite a nice selection and they’ve cut the music up in 55 handy clips ranging from 3 minutes to 3 seconds which allows the user to loop or extend music pieces or just use short samples as musical sound effects.

Here’s a preview to get the idea:

Get the record here (46mb).


Pornogram 1 (197?)
24/07/2012, 10:10
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Woah, a porn radioplay from the seventies, with authentic bad acting and corny lines.

Here’s some samples (nsfw :)

Get yer hands on it here! (27mb)

De Grote Piraten Jingles En Geluidseffekten Elpee (1981)

The Big Pirate Jingles And Sound Effect LP (1981)

Ok, that actually sounds more promising then it is. Unfortunately there’s no arrr or grog talk on it but only bad jokes, cheesy sounds and lame sketches. I love it!


Go for it! (39mb)

Super Hi Fi King Size Stereo (1975)
31/10/2009, 21:26
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Een groot uur_sleeve

Super Hi Fi King Size Stereo!

This must be the most promising title in the history of stereo effects records :) It’s a two disc record featuring a variety of sound effects and theme music for amateur filmmakers. Footsteps, gunshots, car and airplane sounds, breaking glass, dripping water, barking dogs and roaring lions. But also a variety of cheesy uptempo-, dramatic-, bombastic- or tense music to liven up your videos. To fill the two discs they’ve also added some test tones, (not so) funny sketches and, as with many stereo test record, filled one side with classical music.

Enjoy a selection of clips:

And get the whole two discs, tagged and numbered (95mb) here!