Aerobic-Dancing (1983)
13/07/2012, 10:00
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Another aerobic instruction record. Not the most interesting one in my collection, only a few actual spoken instructions. But I’m sharing it anyway because I do like them all.

Here’s some funky samples:

Download the whole record here (55mb).


Sound Effects No.12 (1980)
06/12/2010, 23:55
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Nice sound effect record.
Recordings of Man on concrete stairs, Woman on wooden stairs, Restaurant sounds, A variety of bells and clocks, An old elevator, Puppies, Babies, Shuffling cards,  Compressed air, Welding, Fireworks, Swimming pool, Model planes, Birds, Under the scjower, Eating a carrot, A blender, Broken glass, A register, Hammering and many more.

Here’s a preview:

Aaaaand here’s the record (40mb).

Dans Je Fit (met Penney de Jager) (1982)

“Dance Yourself Fit (with Penney de Jager)”

Aerobic instruction records are fun and very eighties. This one is no exception, it comes with a poster and the sensual instructions by that girl on the cover are accompanied by lots of cliche disco songs (e.g. YMCA, In The Navy, Dancing Queen, I Will Survive…).

Here’s a preview:

Get in shape here (40mb)