155 Jingles (±1985)
10/07/2012, 22:08
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155 Jingles
For Discjockeys, Radiostations, Hospital Radio, Nightclubs etc. 

English, instrumental and dutch jingles, jokes, inserts, moogshots etc. Some really nice samples, some already heard on other records but most are nice and cheesy.

Here’s a preview:

Download it here (49mb).


He-Man / Masters of the Universe – Sterrestof (1985)
22/05/2011, 16:18
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He-Man and the Masters of the Universe – Stardust (1985)

MOTU were my absolute favorite toys and cartoon as a kid. I remember getting this tape for my birthday and I played it a gazillion times. And when I recorded it last week, after 25 years, I still knew every line.

This story tape is the Dutch translation of the German story tape “Sternenstaub”. It was attached to the He-Man & Skeletor Two Pack in the Netherlands and Belgium in 1985.

Here’s a preview:


Download it here (38mb)

100 Discotheek Jingles #3 (1980)

100 fun, silly, funky, spoken, intro, outro, countdown, moogshots, singing, etc etc jingles.

I’ve previously posted part #1 and #5 of this great jingle series.

Here’s a preview:


Download it here (19mb) from Mediafire.

Juliana Regina – 1948 – 1980 (1980)

Today is Queen’s Day, a dutch national holiday to celebrate our Queen’s birthday. One of the best things of Queen’s Day is the traditional freemarkets all over the country where everyone can sell what they want in the streets… basically one big second hand market. The perfect day for crate digging in search of new Stereofound material.

To celebrate, here’s a double record with recordings about and of our former Queen: Juliana, who sat on the throne from 1948 to 1980. There’s people speaking and singing about Juliana, speeches by Juliana herself and information, historical recordings and highlights  from her queenship.

Here’s some excerpts:

Here’s disk one and two (101 mb)

Hoe Bedien Ik De 27 MC (1980)

How Do I Use The 27 MC (1980)

This is (yet another) one of my favorites. An instruction record on how to use a CB radio (27 MC) (or more commonly known as a ‘bakkie’ in dutch) with information on etiquettes, how to speak and use your voice and how to choose a ‘skip name’ (nick name).

Especially the recorded example conversations are fun. No doubt that this record was very helpful for CB radio users back then but now it all just sounds very cheesy.

Here’s some clips:


Get to know everything about Hoei-Hoei and White-Mice here (29mb)

Geluid 7 (<1977)
06/01/2011, 10:00
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Geluid 7 voor Amateur-Filmers en Geluidsjagers.
Vliegtuigen – Raketten – Auto’s – Motoren

Sound 7 for Amateur Filmmakers and Soundhunters.
Airplanes – Rockets – Cars – Motorcycles

Here’s the record (40mb)

Aerobic Dancing with Doris D (1983)

Doris D was a singer/dancer who scored some some disco hits in the dutch charts in the early eighties. She was originally from the UK but moved to the Netherlands as you (well, the Dutch visitors here at least) will hear from her accent.

The instruction poster is still included by the way which makes this record extra awesome!

Tracklist: (all tracks by Doris D & The Pins)
Midnight / Silver Spaceman / Higher and Higher / Jamaica / Cooldown

Here’s a preview:

Get funky (27mb)