Mondvermaak (1980)
30/05/2010, 15:39
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Mondvermaak (1980)

“…MouthSounds is the book for people who would give anything to imitate a Toilet Plunger. Or a Sports Car Smash and Crash. Sound like Gollum while reading Lord of the Rings to a favorite nephew or have meaningful dialogue with your dog…”

Simply put: it teaches you how to make rude and funny sounds and it comes with a two-sided floppy single.

This book and record is the dutch translation of the original book published in 1980: Mouthsounds, how to whistle, pop, click and honk your way to social success!

Here’s the best part:

Be the funny uncle at a boring party with this disk (12mb)

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My former roommate has this book, it’s hilarious! I’d like to see it again sometime, since I started doing voice-over work. Should provide inspiration :)

Comment by Sjors Houkes

Cool :) It’s pretty funny and lame :) I saw some copies on ebay, and it is re-published by Workman in 2004.

Comment by echslectir

Just wanted to say I am LOVING this stuff–especially the Floppy category. One of the few–if ONLY–blogs I know of dedicated to floppy vinyl. Gave you some blog love today at Here’s the link to the love:

GREAT stuff–more, more, more please!

Comment by Joe Wallace

Thanks Joe! Great to hear! :)
Right back at ya: I’ve added you on the blogroll :)

Comment by echslectir

I had no idea what he was saying, but it was still funny. Thank you.

Comment by KL in NYC

Hallo from a Nederlander in England! Glad to find this blog.

In my charity shop I came across an envelope (postmarked 1960) full of floppy vinyl…imagine! I didn’t even know you could play it. I was going to go home and stick them on my ceiling. But afterall…they are Michelin and talks from the President mostly, but there are some ‘top ten hits’ too, such as ‘Forever’ and some instrumentals…lovely to make these sorts of discoveries.

Keep blogging!

Comment by Canada

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