The Day The Music Died / 100 Jaar Veronica Jingles (1977)
02/12/2009, 00:06
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Veronica was (and is) a popular Dutch radio station. In the sixties and early seventies they transmitted illegally from a boat just offshore the Dutch coast which gained them some sort of cult status back then.

Anyways, enough boring history… this record is fun! 100 jingles once used on their radio shows. Some are dutch, some are english, two or three times they’ve used a Moog and sonovox and Mick Jagger says a line or two as well.

Here’s a few samples:

And here you can get all the 100 jingles, tagged and numbered (45mb).

(oh, hmm, I just noticed something went wrong while recording. Number 10 – 15 have the name of the next jingle… sorry about that!)

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Dit is oldskool gast, mooi hoor!

Comment by Stinger

Thank you. BTW, the history isn’t boring. Did Veronica exist because regular stations didn’t play Rock & Roll (like in the UK)?

Comment by KL in NYC

Hey, thanks :)
Yep, it was probably the same over here back then. They started in 1960 and played popular and pop-music which almost no other stations did and they introduced the hit charts and radio-jingles to the dutch :)

Comment by echslectir

The guy at has short (under 5 minutes) podcasts of US radio commercials. You might want to try some of those.

Comment by KL in NYC

Hey, Thanks! Fun, love those old commercials.

Comment by echslectir

Hi there ,
I am trying to track down a recording made by a Dutch radio station in 1977, of an English Band called John Grimaldis Cheap Flights. Johnwas ex argent, and the band were jazz rock. They were at a 1 week club booking, I think in Amsterdam , and we’re recorded by a station ….but we dont know which one.
Any help greatly appreciated…trying to get an archive together .
Thanks for listening

Peter C (agent in 77 …)

Comment by Peter Colclough

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