Redt Het Ongeboren Kind (±1972)
26/11/2009, 23:43
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“Save The Unborn Child”

This is one of my favorites! 60 minutes of anti-abortion speeches by fathers, priests and professors.

There’s no year on the record but it’s most likely from around 1972. In the early seventies the Dutch politics started talking about a new abortion law which triggered a wave of protests and anti-abortion groups were formed. This record is initiated by a religious association lead by a christian priest who named themselves “Save The Unborn Child”

I’ll try to translate the cover text in my best english so you can catch the mood of the record :)

Only peace by justice,
A future for everyone by love and mercy,
We convert ourselves,
One way: Jesus
All human life is of irreplaceable value,
Nobody has the right to decide
over life or death of a fellow human being.
One exception in the legal protection
of life itself discloses everything.
Abortion is murder.

Enjoy these wonderful short clips:

And here you can get the whole sixty minutes (48mb).

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Wederom een juweeltje, idd. Goedverdoeme wat een uitstekende teksten. jaloezie alom.

Comment by job willems

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