Stereo Sound Effects (±1970)
20/11/2009, 23:28
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This is a weird potpourri of sound recordings. There’s short clips of percussion, slamming car doors, blues, planes taking off, balancing tests, a classical orchestra, dixieland tunes, a ping pong match, traditional greek music, firetrucks, mexican trumpets, frequency ranges, the often used ‘russian roulette’ and ‘submarine’ scene, big band music… you name it, it’s there, and all in no particular order! Most of it can be found on other records in my collection as well, but here it seems like they grabbed all the stereo sounds they could get their hands on an just dumped it on to one disk.

Most of the records here come without a year on it, just like this one.
The oscillator on the cover is quite nice though!

Listen to a turbo speed sampler:

Or you can d/l the disk (36mb) here.

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WOW! Die gast maakt echt alle geluidsapparatuur-instructieplaten. ‘t Voelt onderhand alsof ik hem al jaren ken :-)

Comment by Abe Twist A.K.A. Bas Witte

haha! Bedoel je de roulette sample… of Jan de Kruijff? Of Jan Kool? Die komen alledrie overal terug :) Eigenlijk zijn de meeste van die platen sowieso hetzelfde, allemaal dezelfde geluiden en muziek fragmenten :)

Comment by echslectir

the download is broken =(

Comment by guest

sorry everyone. I kinda stopped maintaining this blog due to health issues… Hopefully not all links are broken.

Comment by echslectir

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