So Singen Unsere Vögel (197?)
12/11/2009, 10:00
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So Singen Unsere Vögel (“That’s how our birds sing”) is a German double disk record with bird sounds recorded in the wild by Hans A. Traber. There’s no year on the record but I guess it’s from the late seventies. (If anyone does know, please leave a comment)

So, if you’ve always wondered what the Heckenbraunelle (Prunella Modularis) or the  Teichrorhsänger (Acrocephalus Scirpaceus) sounds like, this record is the thing for you!

Here’s a few samples:

And here’s the complete recording on disk one and disk two (both ±60mb)

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Thank you very much for this Hans Traber LP. It’s an excellently recorded collection of bird songs.

I do not know if you have more bird sound LPs, but if you do, they would be welcome in my hard drive. :) Also, I posted some LPs of bird sounds on my other blog A Closet of Curiosities ( which I am sure would be of interest to you. You can find them at the link below along with other nature sound recordings.

There’s also some weird or unusual classical music posted as well which also may be of interest. :) Cheers.

Comment by grey calx

Hi Grey, thanks!
Yes, you’re already on my blogroll :) Great stuff!!!

I’ve got a few more recorded birdsounds, I’ll be uploading them someday soon. Not sure when, but, if I think of it I’ll leave you a message.

Comment by echslectir

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