100 Sonovox Jingles (1980)
23/10/2009, 21:25
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This 1980 record (once owned by someone called Berry, according to the sticker in the topleft corner ^-^ ) is produced by the brothers Ray and Chris Anderson and holds, like the title says, 100 short jingles created with a sonovox accompanied by some cheesy moog shots. It all sounds rather amateuristic and the recordings could’ve used some de-essing, but, that crappiness is what makes the record even more fun!

Here’s a few clips:

And, if you like it, I’ve got the whole deal (20mb) for ya here.

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Hi. I came over from BasementCurios where you left your comment.
This link doesn’t work.

Comment by KL in NYC

woops, thanks! Fixed it!

Comment by echslectir

Excellent work, however may I offer a suggestion? Please use another host instead of Rapidshare such as Megaupload or Mediafire.

Comment by Tommy

thanks! I’m pretty new to sharing files myself with a host like rapidshare, so, any tips are welcome! What is the advantage of Mediafire or Megeupload?

Comment by echslectir

Hello. Congratulations on setting up your blog. I’m looking forward to see what you will be posting and what Dutch oddities are out there. Your first two posts sound very interesting.

Personally I find Megaupload and Mediafire more user-friendly than Rapidshare. Files from both sites download faster than those from Rapidshare and there are no timers to make people wait to download files. I also am not prevented from downloading because someone else with the same ISP number as mine happens to be downloading something at the moment. I know download speeds are slower for free users such as myself. I am a free user because I do not want to give any money to Rapidshare. I’ll spare my spiel about Rapidshare for another time. Another reason I use Megaupload and Mediafire because my files also upload fast (usually in a minute or less).

Comment by grey calx

Thanks Grey Calx and Tommy! I’ll def. try megaupload or mediafire next time! Perhaps, when I find the time I’ll switch the host for these first two posts as well.

Comment by echslectir

Rapidshare used to be fantastic, but lately, if you don’t have a membership, you have to wait and wait and WAIT for a so-called download slot to become available. I’ve been trying to download this album now for almost a day and Rapidshare keeps telling there are no “free download slots” available…try again in 2 minutes. When the 2 minutes is up, you try to download and it says the same thing. Mediafire is my favorite as it’s quick, free, and very stable. The only downside is that it’s a 100mb limit. Megaupload is just as good and it can accommodate files up a 1gb in size.

Comment by Tommy

Great stuff – great blog!

I just used this one in my most recent mixtape – found here:

Check out the other episode for more fun stereo sound interludes.

Comment by daShank

Hey, thanks DaShank! That’s awesome and exactly why I share my records! :) Keep me posted if you use more!

Comment by echslectir

[…] maker of this record, Ray Anderson, created some more fun records just like this one. Leave a Comment Leave a Comment so far Leave a comment RSS feed for comments on […]

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Hey this is fantastic but rapidshare is not letting me download, it says the file is there but I wait for the counter, then click download & I just get a tiny file called rapid.cgi, I’m not a noob, been doing this for years, had a rapidshare pro account for years too, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE any chance of uploading to mediafire or megaupload (both much better than RS anyway), great blog and excellent stuff on here!

Comment by Waxer

hi, that’s strange, the link seems to works fine here. RapidShare does start the download with a .cgi file which automatically becomes the actual .zip when downloading.
Only the earlier uploads here are on RS, actually, this record was the last one. All others are on MediaFire which is indeed much better.

Probably won’t reupload this one any time soon, sorry for that.

Hope there’s other records that you like that you can d/l.
All the best!

Comment by echslectir

[…] previously posted part #1 and #5 of this great jingle […]

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Great searching and finding and sharing!

Hurray for you, echslectir!

(B.t.w. “Berry” is funny indeed.)

Comment by Dorado

The jingles you have were created in Folkeston, UK, by Ray anderson. In my opinion, Mr Anderson was a large force in the pirate radio scene in UK late 60s ? 70s?. I was associated with EAP as a customer for jingles for my disco & later, radio station. His business East anglian Productions had suppied many amateur (and some pro) DJs with drop-ins, sweepers and comedy cuts. The comedy were imitationss of famous USA & UK personalities of the 70’s. Ray can be con-
tacted on Linkedin.
John ‘Peanutz’ Koenig

Comment by John Koenig

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